Cedar policy language extension for Visual Studio Code

August 10, 2023 #cedar #vscode #opensource #rust #wasm

The Cedar policy language extension for Visual Studio Code is available for installation from the Visual Studio Marketplace as well as open source on GitHub at cedar-policy/vscode-cedar. This extension supports syntax highlighting, formatting, and validation of Cedar policy language (*.cedar) and Cedar schema (cedarschema.json / *.cedarschema.json) files.

This was a project I started near the beginning of 2023 as personal tool to make my editing of Cedar files easier. Why Visual Studio Code? It’s what I use everyday, and “remains the preferred IDE across all developers” per Stack Overflow 2022 Developer Survey with 74.48% of respondents. When Cedar became open source in May, I started the process to have this extension published and become open source since “half of developers (55%) install UI themes and add-ons for their IDEs or editors” according to The State of Developer Ecosystem 2022.

For a polished README, I created some (what I consider) nice looking animated GIF screen captures to show off the features, but wanted to find a solution that worked without installing any new software.

I put Visual Studio Code in full screen mode, then hid stuff I didn’t want on the screen, including extra left rail views, minimap, etc. I disabled any extensions adding unwanted problems (like spelling or markdown linting) that I didn’t wanted included.

I created a script for myself that would look good in a loop, Then recorded using QuickTime to a .mov file on my desktop. Since my laptop is a MacBook Pro 16” 2019, the native screen resolution was 3584x2240. I opened Keynote and set the custom size to 25% of that, or 896x540 then imported the .mov followed my an export to an Animated GIF, extra large resolution (1080x675), 15 fps, with 0-sec auto advance.

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