My Favorite Laptop Stickers

July 1, 2023 #random

I’ve been collecting laptop stickers for a while, but only started affixing them to my laptop last year. I didn’t want to lose them when my work laptop was returned or replaced. My solution was to buy a hard shell case, which I can remove and keep.

I recently got back from speaking at AWS re:Inforce 2023, where I acquired some new stickers. I took a picture to share and highlight some of my favorite laptop stickers.

MacBook Pro Stickers

I will admit there are a lot of AWS related stickers, but I do work for AWS as a Sr. Solutions Architect.

Some of my favorites:

  • OWASP Juice Shop (top right) which I got from creator Björn Kimminich when he came to MN and spoke at a user group.
  • Request Metrics sloth (bottom center) saying “Yo Dawg, I heard you like JS” which Todd Gardner had custom made. The perfect combination of branding and a reference to a classic meme.
  • Cedar policy (center) as an example of next level Rickrolling. Read my earlier Song lyrics represented using Cedar policy language blog post for more details.
  • The MSP 12 gray duck (top left) because I’m from Minnesota and play Duck, Duck, Gray Duck instead of Duck, duck, goose.

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