My First Published Alexa Skill: Mars Rover Mission

December 21, 2016 #alexa #javascript #vui #conference

While attending AWS re:Invent 2016, I participated in the AWS re:Invent Alexa Skill Contest.  I didn’t win the $10,000 grand prize but was one of the finalists. See Crowning the New Amazon Alexa Champ at AWS re:Invent for a recap of the contest.  Mars Rover Mission is an adventure game where you control a Mars exploration rover. It is slow-paced in that you can only take one turn per day exploring the Martian surface.

At this point, I know you must be too excited to keep reading, so turn to your Echo and say:

“Alexa, enable Mars Rover Mission”

Alternatively, enable Mars Rover Mission via the Alexa app or at Mars Rover Mission: Alexa Skills.

Mars Rover

If you want more of the technical details (including links to the JavaScript code, how to cheat, and the demo video I recorded at 4 am), take a look at the project writeup:  Mars Rover Mission: A slow paced adventure game. - 

If you don’t own an Amazon Echo, and can’t buy one because they are out of stock, try out the browser based Alexa Skill Testing Tool -

Amazon Echo - Black

Let me know what you think, and if you like it - how about a 5 star review on

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