Wolfram|Alpha and Pokémon Answers

November 3, 2016 #random #nlp #pokemon

The other day, my daughter had me search for zigzagoon on Wolfram|Alpha: Computational Knowledge Engine.  Apparently, there is a full Pokédex loaded because it knew details like number, type, size, and generation.

Input Interpretation: Zigzagoon

So, I tried this computation…

average height of generation iii pokemon

and it worked as expected!

Input Interpretation: Generation III Pokémon height

How is this relevant to the capabilities we are developing around how knowledge workers Find, Analyze, and Decide about Content?  Now think again about the Wolfram|Alpha Pokémon example and how that combines natural language input and content to recommend an answer.  Then go to and try some queries out yourself.  How does the user experience compare to more traditional research products?

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