Microsoft Certifications no longer on Credly

November 20, 2023 #azure #certification

Even while working for AWS as a Solutions Architect, I keep my Microsoft Azure certifications up to date. These free renewals happen every year on the Microsoft Learn platform.

Certification title Certification number Earned on Expires on
Microsoft Certified: Azure Security Engineer Associate D5CB4B-49F723 Jan 21, 2021 Jan 21, 2024
Microsoft Certified: Azure Administrator Associate 9P7D3F-0425CF Mar 13, 2021 Mar 13, 2024
Microsoft Certified: Azure Solutions Architect Expert 13RB68-44EC4D Oct 30, 2020 Oct 30, 2024

My most recent renewal on October 21 for Azure Solutions Architect Expert renewal was missing / shows expired on Credly. I reached out for support and got this reply:

Microsoft Certifications earned and claimed on Credly before June 30, 2023, will be available for viewing and sharing through Credly until June 30, 2024. However, your Microsoft Certifications on Credly will no longer be kept current or updated as you pass renewal exams or earn new Microsoft Certifications. This is because Microsoft is not partnered with Credly anymore.

I’m a bit sad, because I liked having all my digital badges in one place. I guess the obvious focus for me is collecting more AWS Learning Badges then running my credly-badges-to-csv utility to show off.

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