Cloud State Monitoring

December 18, 2020 #cloud #monitoring #azure #aws #devops

Last week I gave a presentation about a concept I decided to call Cloud State Monitoring. The premise was that much of cloud configuration monitoring is point-in-time evaluations, but there is additional value in monitoring the change in state of these resource configurations.

For a definition of state, I leveraged language from the State (Computer Science) entry on Wikipedia.

  • A specialized definition of state is used for computer programs that operate sequentially on streams of data.
  • Information about previous data received is stored and used to affect the processing of the current data.
  • This is called a stateful protocol and the data carried over from the previous processing cycle is called the state.

I then proposed this for the definition of Cloud State Monitoring.

Treats cloud resource changes as a stream of data and intelligently monitors both the current data as well as changes from the previous data (state).

A few of the examples I highlighted were:

  • Monitor current data for security misconfigurations
  • Monitor changes in data for configuration drift

When I think about who is making changes, it is both you (as the customer)…

  • Workload teams releasing software
  • Platform teams enhancing automation
  • Security teams updating policies

…and the cloud provider themselves.

  • Adding new cloud-native service features
  • Updating versions of hosted open-source software

I recorded and edited the presentation, including adding a full transcript for closed caption viewing. Check out my presentations page for full details, include the links to both the slide deck and video.

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