Graph Encryption: Going Beyond Encrypted Keyword Search

March 28, 2016 #search #encryption

I have a decent understanding of keyword search from developing research applications for professionals and building a simple RSS search engine for an Information Retrieval course in graduate school.  I’v heard of encrypted keyword search, but haven’t allocated the brain cycles to comprehend it fully.  Recently, I saw a link to Graph Encryption: Going Beyond Encrypted Keyword Search, which piqued my interest.

Graph Encryption

Previous work in encrypted search has focused on how to search encrypted documents, e.g., doing keyword search, conjunctive queries, etc. Graph encryption, on the other hand, focuses on performing graph queries on encrypted graphs rather than keyword search on encrypted documents.

In my current role, many of our products house customer data and that data’s interrelationships.  However, sometimes it would be nice to graft this customer data onto the corporate Knowledge Graph.  Maybe this is something that others inside my company are already aware of and/or looking at?

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