Global Search Box as Question Answering

June 1, 2015 #search #ux #nlp

During a product design session, we had a discussion on Global Search covering “what search is” and “what search should be.” I used the following example of question answering as where I see “global search” heading:

I can search Google for US population and it will give me an answer

Google "US population"

I can also search for 2014 google revenue

Google "2014 google revenue"

I can even ask Google about revenue in the form of a question: how much money did google make in 2014

Google "how much money did google make in 2014"

However, when I asked a question requiring a computation, I got search results and not an answer:  2014 google revenue per US population

Google "2014 google revenue per US population"

When I ask WolframAlpha that same question, I got an answer:

WolframAlpha "2014 google revenue per US population"

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