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February 12, 2015 #random #javascript #podcast

You may (or may not) have seen: Kevin Hakanson on Twitter: “@richcampbell @jhusain great show; I especially liked the comment selected (thanks for the mug)

On 21 January 2015, I was listing to Todd Gardner (@toddhgardner) on .NET Rocks! talk about “Duck Punching” when he and host Richard Campbell (@richcampbell) were talking about validating the checksums of JavaScript libraries served by CDNs to ensure you were being delivered the code you were expecting.  This is a topic I have blogged about before:  CDN Hosting of JavaScript and Information Security Aspects

So, I made a comment that day, pointing them to the W3C Content Security Policy Editor’s Draft where it says:

Individual inline scripts and stylesheets may be whitelisted via nonces (as described in §4.2.4 Valid Nonces) and hashes (as described in §4.2.5 Valid Hashes).

Only 9 days later, on 30 January 2015, I got an email stating my comment was selected.  Most of the time, the comment selected is from many months before, when that particular guest or topic was last discussed.  I was surprised to have both a comment selected and such a quick turnaround.  I sent them my address, got my free mug, and started wondering when my comment would air.  Finally, on 11 February 2015, I was listening to Digging into Javascript 6 with Jafar Husain and I heard my comment.

Not quite as cool as being on the .NET Rocks! podcast, but I’ll take what I can get - even if that is a free coffee mug.

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