IE11 Automatic Update Blocker Toolkit Available for Windows 7

November 11, 2013 #webdev

A couple of recent postings on the IEBlog were IE11 for Windows 7 Globally Available for Consumers and Businesses and IE11 Automatic Update Blocker Toolkit Available for Windows 7.  If you have a browser testing VM that you want to stay at IE10 (like I do), then you need to watch out for auto updates.  Check out the links above (and excerpt below) for more details.

The IE11 Automatic Update Blocker Toolkit can be used to prevent Internet Explorer 11 from being automatically installed on users’ Windows 7 machines when it is available via Automatic Update. This Toolkit has no expiration date and is configured either by running the registry file on the client machine or by deploying Group Policy in domain joined environments. The toolkit also provides an unblock procedure that allows IE11 to be installed through Automatic Update.

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